Miami University Bridal Tea & Boutique

I did it! I made it through my 1st bridal show! It was hard work getting to this day but it all paid off in the end!

I got a lot of compliments on my set-up and on my designs. The best part of today was I got to meet lots of vendors and network for future collaborative events. We have to help each other out because the wedding business is getting overwhelmed with vendors in all categories so let’s do it ladies and gents!

I also got 3 very interested in brides from my total list of 18 that signed up for the $30 raffle.

Here are 5 things I learned from my bridal show for future events:

1. Continue to network with all types of vendors.

2. In addition to leaving a name and email on my contact sheet (which I had) make sure to ask for the wedding date!

3. Make a bigger PaperGoodiez banner sign or place it where people can notice it better.

4. Place similar themes (fall, leaves, rustic) (black/gold and new year’s)  close by each other.

5. Make handmade cards based on current events…everyone wanted mother’s day cards (next sunday) but I didn’t have any to sell!

Overall, SUCCESS!

Now, time to catch some zzz before the next show that I am shooting for in November!

Set-up Main Set-upBusiness Sign

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